My father, 64 years old, was diagnosed diabetes type 2, 9 years ago with gall-stones, high blood pressure, cholesterol and overweight.

After 3 weeks, drinking Vilac Plus and Curcuma Longa capsules, the check-up in hospital, everything better, and better and stops the treatment after 6 months: results, he was cured!

Before, my father must swallow 6 different drugs and nothing changed, just to manage his disease. 6 months of Vilac Plus and Curcuma Longa have been enough to cure him and to recover health.

Today, my father still healthy, younger: thank you very much! Yours products can change incurable in curable, spread the world!!

Champen Natachan

Padumgsa Kutakrisda has a cancer. Champen Natachan has chronic renal failure. Both talk about the effects of Vilac Plus®.

(Français) Thailande : 100 témoignages en direct à la radio

Dans la province de Chiang-Mai en Thailande, suite à un appel à témoin de Radio Lamphun, dans l’émission du DJ Tom “Switch FM”, cent personnes ont témoigné aujourd’hui de leur guérison dans différents types de pathologies chroniques et infectieuses. Il faut savoir que la radio a reçu 500 réponses à l’appel à témoin, et n’a pu inviter que les 100 premiers.

L’émission dure 3 heures, elle s’est déroulée en direct dans un grand restaurant de Lamphun et a été filmée en vidéo.

Il est encore trop tôt pour mesurer l’impact de cette émission, mais un millier de patients a déjà témoigné sur les ondes depuis début 2008, et du coup tout le monde connaît Vilac Plus dans cette région.

Dr. Wichit Kirdpon

Dr. Wichit Kirdpon Ph.D. is the Director of Medical Physics Post Graduate Program at the Radiology Department of the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, Thailand.

She also co-founded the University, which is now one of the 3 most important universities in Thailand.

She worked with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), and she is IMMP Deputy Director & Manager, Asia Pacific Center of Excellence in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (IMMP).

She reports that Vilac Plus® is efficient for any degenerative disease, as well as diabetis, conjunctivitis, skin disease and allergies.

Dr Witchit Kirdpon has worked with patients suffering from breast cancer and cervical cancer, persons with thyroid, chronic renal failure and diabetes. She thinks Vilac Plus is very useful in the treatment of degenerative diseases. It seems like a miracle. Miracle because I have seen the suffering of the patients, particularly in cancer of kidney, in kidney failure. And also for kidney failure, nothing can substitute hemodialysis. My friends get this alone. I mean, Vilac Plus alone. For four years, five of them have been cured. They could recover completely. Therefore, I believe that for any degenerative disease, not only cancer, Vilac plus can transform from incurable to curable. My family got also diabetes. Conjuctivitis, you can use this product. Or even you have those skin diseases, I, myself, kept worry eczema from allergy for five years after we use this, Vilac Plus, for only three times, in three days, it disappeared.

Dr. Kawee Tungsubutra

Professor Dr. Kawee Tungsubutra M.D., D.Sc. D.M.R.T., F.R.C.R
President, The Royal College of Radiologists of Thailand
Deputy Chairman, The Medical Association of Thailand

He is the founder of the three biggest universities of Thailand, including Khon Kaen University.

He recommends radiotherapy with Thai traditionnal medicine in Cancer cases.

Doctor Kawee, President of The Royal College of Radiologists of Thailand, is a renowned authority in his country. For his king, he created 3 of Thailand’s biggest universities. He is investigating options to reduce radiotherapy and chimiotherapy nocive effects, and improve his patients quality of life. He is one of the leaders in complementing scientific medicine with traditionnal medicine. Sure, I think that for the advanced cases or in other words the “hopeless” cases, the method how to prolong the patient’s life with happiness is to give what we call paliative dose or smaller dose of radiations and at the same time we use hormons, herbal medicine, to increase the health of the patient. By increasing the health of the patient, the patient becomes strong and he can … without pain, and it automatically will make body resistance of the patient better. Not only the body, and the mind as well. So that if they can sleep happily, no pain, and the tumor is reducing. Eventhough it may be slowly, slowly, but it is decreasing in size. It is visible. Or if not visible, or not palpable, we can use the X-rays to examine the organs that the cancer is in walk.

Antituberculosis Association recommends Vilac Plus, especialy in case of HIV

tb_pongsiri_2008Antituberculosis Association Chiang Mai
Mae Hae District, Moung Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand

21 June 2008

To Whom it may concern,

As the capacity of the President of Antituberculosis Association Chiang mai, I would like to recommend Vilac Plus fermented Herbal plants from Thailand for the treatment of TB patients and also for HIV / AIDS with pulmonary tuberculosis as an opportunistic infection, the patient can recover very quickly within few weeks after therapy, since Vilac Plus is the immunebooster and also high potency antiinfective agents containg Lactobacillus, it should be trivial as the complimentaruy regimens comparing with the conventional treatment.

Your very Truly,

Pongsiri Prathnadi M.D.,FCCP,FICS

Professor and Doctor

President of Antituberculosis Association of Chiag Mai Thailand

Acute Oral Toxicity Test (Limit test) of “VILAC PLUS”

This report was submitted by the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) in october 2007.

Here is the report as a PDF file.

Dr Wichit Kirdpon, Dr Kawee Tungsubutra, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Khon Kaen University got a spectacular result: a desperate case of brain tumor was cured. This is unique in the world, and the first published scientific report about the effects of Vilac Plus® as an alternative therapy.

en es Two interviews in English, subtitled in Spanish :

  • Dr. Wichit Kirdpon reports that Vilac Plus® is efficient for any degenerative disease, as well as diabetis, conjunctivitis, skin disease and allergies.
  • Dr. Kawee Tungsubutra, President of Thailand Radiology Society, associates radiotherapy and chemotherapy with traditional medicine. Because its strengthens body and mind health, herbal medicine helps a lot.

Nicolas Lagoueyte talks (fr in french) about the philosophy behind the world-wide commercialisation of Vilac Plus® products. (more…)

Dr. Pongsiri Prathnadi

This 15 minutes long interview was taken from a December 2006 movie by William Oroso.

Dr Pongsiri Prathnadi is shown in his office of the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

He is the President of the Anti-Tuberculosis Association of Chiang Mai Province.

He also presides the Society of Gerontology in Thailand.

His team first experimented the Vilac Plus® herbal drink as an immune booster, for HIV, and then on patients with various advanced cancers.

He talks about their findings (effects on immunity and quality of life especialy), and about the clinical trial results on cancer stade IIIB & IV at Khon Kaen University. (more…)